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Daniel Lesperance, "Alaska Dan," began playing music at the age of four in New Mexico.  Dan and his guitar are one on stage.  Dan played with a local band at weddings, fiestas, and local clubs.  He moved to Alaska in the early 80’s.  A true guitar virtuoso, his roots are evident in his smooth country style, with “spicy” rock, and Latin mixed-in.  In 2004, Dan won the Nashville Palace Country Music Contest at the Anchorage County Fair for an opportunity to play on-stage at the Nashville Palace…a thrill that would inspire Dan to make music his full-time endeavor.  In 2012, Dan won the Radio 96.3 Wolf Singer/Songwriter Contest in Anchorage, Alaska.  This win gave Dan and his wife, Patricia, the impetus to travel and sing full-time.  In 2012, they “packed-up” the house, gave a lot away, took their gear, and made the road their home.  In 2019, they bought a home in Quartzsite, Arizona.  The Quartzsite winter crowds revel in Dan’s diverse talent and unmatched guitar sounds.  They still travel around the United States playing to appreciative fans!  I hope you enjoy my music, and I’ll see you down the road sometime!

Come See & Hear

"Alaska Dan"

at Buck Connors Western Days,

Saturday, November 9, 2019