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Gypsy Wagyn


Austin Drury           Robyn Gorkiewicz       "Gypsy Wagyn"

Austin and Robyn first met in 2015. It was clear from the beginning that they were destined to make music together. They began by hosting open jam night every Thursday at a local bar called "Denny's Downtown Lanes" in Grantsburg, Wisconsin.  At the St. Croix Casino in Danbury, Duo entered a contest and Robyn won.  The prize was a 4-song demo at The Historic Charter House Recording Studio.  After a feature story on the cover of the Burnett County Sentinel, Gypsy Wagyn was officially established as the newest up-and-coming local band of Polk and Burnett counties! The duo spent a busy summer, playing over 50 shows and they packed the show up and headed West to Quartzsite, Arizona where they began the start of a new journey. The people of Quartzsite welcomed the duo with open arms and they played shows up to three or four times a week between October of ‘16 and February of ’17.  They played at Phil Bate’s place, Gringo’s Restaurant, and other locations, flooded by expectant fans.  They built a following of friends and fans that span the United States and beyond as Quartzsite is a gathering place for people from around the world.   They produced and released their first album, “Chapter One: Book Two,” in July of 2017. The album was completely self-produced from the photos and artwork to the recording and engineering of the music.  In February, Gypsy Wagyn was honored with the Counter Culture F.A.M.E. Award: “Producer’s Choice Honors.”

Come and see Gypsy Wagyn at Buck Connors Western Days

Quartzsite Town Park  -  Plymouth at Quail Trail

Sunday, November 10,  2-4 p.m. 


Gypsy Wagyn at Gringo's in Quartzsite